Friday, March 5, 2010

mistakes have been made

So over the last two weeks, I've been suffering with half-assed bronchitis. It wasn't a full-assed, three-days-in-bed, I can't move, I can't breathe, I can't talk bronchitis. It was just sort of a "meh" and three days on the couch with some Buffy the vampire slayer bronchitis.

So after languishing for about a week, I finally up and went to the doctor. Who gave me some prescriptions for medications, one of which was supposed to make me feel better (yay penicillin!), one of which was supposed to make me feel less stuffy, and one of which was supposed to help me sleep at night. (Read: Make sure Mr. Snark can sleep at night) (yay codeine!)

The unstuffing medication shall remain nameless, but for whatever reason, it made me bipolar. One minute, I want to strangle people for being retarded (PS. I have an intolerance to smart people behaving in ways which would indicate that they are incapable of helping themselves) the next minute, I'm crying over an email from a client.

Good times indeed. Anyways, after making my poor coworkers suffer through my fits of mania, I decided that being congested was far more advisable than being fired or chased out of the building by people wielding torches and pitchforks. After finally feeling like myself for a few days, I felt the need to apologize or something, and of course, my first line would always be "mistakes have been made."

I love that line. It's a complete load of crap and an utter cop-out, and, for fancy's sake, a judicious use of the passive voice. (See, I have a liberal arts education too.) You hear it in the public sector all the time. They won't say exactly who didn't have enough snow plowing equipment, or who failed to make sure we were adequately staffed, but they will say that "mistakes have been made" by "people" of whom may or may not be affiliated with this office and may or may not have had the original authority to make those decisions to begin with.

So, in the spirit of snowpocalypse (and the potential floodapalooza) I will simply state that mistakes have been made in the consumption, prescription, and subsequent application of said medications which may or may not have had the original effect of ameliorating the aforementioned issue at hand with or potentially, without, debilitating and unexpected side effects.

happy friday!

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