Thursday, March 11, 2010

that guy, you know the one, in class

In addition to all my other super hero duties, I am also a part time student at a local university. I often share a class with 'that guy' in class. You know the one. He smokes, but only because it helps him look disaffected. He wears a hat that looks like a Kangol, but it's not a Kangol, because he's all "down with the corporations."

And when he talks, it's with purpose. Slowly. Deliberately. With great pauses. His questions are well formed, he uses lots of words, he is showing you the benefit of his liberal arts education in every extraneous word and phrase.

And he makes me crazy. When he raises his hand I weep inwardly for the next few minutes of my life. Lost forever to his... purposeful... diatribe... of... meaningful...exploration... and... clarification... of... the... very... subject... at... hand.

When we have guest speakers, I want to apologize to them for his presence. What I really want, however, is for him to get to the point. Please, dear god, and all that's holy (mostly bacon), if he could just ask questions that were actual questions and not attempts to show us how intelligent he is, I'd be forever grateful.

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