Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm a sneezy kind of person. I sneeze in the morning when I sit down at my desk. I sneeze in the afternoon when I have a cuppa. I sneeze in sunlight. I sneeze when I clean. I'm allergic to dust mites, so they say, or rather, dust mite excrement. (Mr. Snark finds it horribly adorable that I'm allergic to poop.)

So, after I've sneezed, I like to blow my nose. There tend to be tissues in all the various places I might exist in the world, which, up until recently, included my desk at work.

The pattern went something like this - I buy tissues, I use the tissues, the tissues tend to disappear faster than I am using them - I buy more tissues - repeat. It then occurred to me that I was providing a company perk with my discretionary income. So I switched to company-provided toilet paper.

Yes. There is a roll of toilet paper on my desk. No, I don't think that makes me too terribly odd. Yes, I realize it makes me a little odd. I sometimes wonder if some of my proclivities push me closer to Melvin, and I have to further wonder how close I can get and still take myself seriously.

Truth be told, the toilet paper cannot possibly look out of place amongst all the other stuff that's here. Ticket stubs from various events, drawings by my child, drawings by mr. snark, xkcd comics, random photographs, little trinkets from across the world, and family photos.

Who knows tho, what my chapter in the "book about work" would sound like? (Hasn't everyone thought they should write a book about work at one point in time?)

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