Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Pittsburgh, how I love you...

Pittsburgh, I have a confession. I love you. Deeply, fully, and without reservation. I love your babushkas and your parking chairs. I love your ethnic foods, your 91 neighborhoods, and your divisive structuring. I would never want to be anywhere else, and I hope someday you'll have me as one of your own.

I have lived within your boundaries, and I have lived so far from you that I thought my heart would break (a short 60 miles to the north... yet still tragic). I find myself overly patient with your politicians, and overly forgiving with bad policy. I'm so deeply in love with you, I think new taxes are probably a good idea, even if badly conceived.

The point is this. I like you. But who is this guy? Where did you pick him up? I mean, seriously dear. You could do a lot better.

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