Friday, February 19, 2010

of course I'm a giant tard, that's the best way to be...

Every six months there is a gaming convention that I attend somewhere north of the city. I'm not really a giant gamer dork so much as I'm a social butterfly and all my friends happen to be there. Sure, sure, I play the games too, and obsess over costumes for the LARP, and err...own several sets of dice, but really... I'm not a gamer. No really!

Anyways. Gaming usually winds down about midnight each night of the con and that's when the real fun starts... there's this... well... i guess adorable isn't the right word, but trashy isn't quite it either; it's somewhere between delightfully trashy and towny adorable... anyways... bar in the hotel. So after a round or two there, we head to someone's room for after bar shenanigans.

For the last convention, I held a hard hat party wherein all folks who wanted to attend had to wear a hard hat. And we had signs that said "Hard Hat Area" because... well because I have access to inexpensive printing (read: free.)

So, knowing that I have to top that (and it wasn't that hard) I set about trying to come up with a theme for this con's after party. Another associate of mine suggested that we turn up the heat, wear hawaiian shirts, drink tropical drinks and have a beach blanket bash, sans beach and blankets.

I let that stew awhile, and then someone suggested we have a party where people play RISK, the boardgame, because we weren't being quite nerdy enough just yet. Suddenly it hit me. Why not combine the two things?

And thus, the El Presidente Tropical World Domination Party was born. Hawaiian shirts required, tropical drinks provided, be prepared to be called a dirty communist if you start out in a communist country. Not that I don't like communism as an ideology, it's just that I like saying "dirty communist."

Now, I'm taking a class (yes, there are a lot of divergent threads in this post, just wait, I'm getting to the point where they all relate) in InDesign and one of our next assignments is to make a flyer providing people with all necessary details to attend your event.

I feel like its some sort of moral imperative that I make a flyer for my El Presidente party and use this for my flyer assignment. Because I mean. If you're going to be a tard, the whole world should know. It lowers their expectations of you while allowing you to get away with all sorts of shenanigans. And that's exactly what my InDesign instructor should know about me.

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