Friday, May 28, 2010

Nature has sent her insect hordes...

So the last several weeks of my life have been a constant source of crazy, neurotic, insanity. I have been doing my best to keep on top of all of the crazy that has been going on, and to try and keep things in perspective. I mostly failed at this up until like, say, two minutes ago when I feel like I finally got on top of life, stared down at her, and said "You know what? I got this. Less important details to the left, more important details to the right, everything else, move the hell out of the way."

Beyond that, nature has been sending her hordes after me with frightening regularity. Three weeks ago she sent a bee. Wednesday AM, she sent fire ants. Like, understand me when I say "sent them"... let me give you the whole story here.

Three weeks ago my day started out normal like any other day. I took my coffee to work, drank some of it, left it on my desk, drank some more later, took it home, left it sit on the counter, went to class, came home, went to bed, got up the next morning, went to wash my cup... AND FOUND A FREAKIN' BEE INSIDE MY DAMN CUP... like... a bee. inside my cup. INSIDE OF IT. When did it get in there? Did it get in there while I was still in the drinking stage? Could I have drank bee goop? Uhg.

So. This past Tuesday, I had to race home, grab my child, drop my child at my sibling's, race to class, attend class, then, just, like, absolutely needed to stop and have a drink with a friend. Had drink, went home, tried to sleep, couldn't sleep, maybe got a few hours, got back up at 5:30am, tossed shoes on, got in car, and drove to get kid... and felt burning itching sensation on my foot. Like, what is that? Oh, its an ant. And then this happened like twice more.

Fire Ants. Seriously. Were they on my shoe? Were they in the car? How did fire ants mysteriously and spontaneously appear? What do these omens mean? I'm not sure if I like the increasing magnitude of the insects either, and quite frankly, I'm about to start preparing for locust plagues.

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Mo said...

At least they were only on your foot. You could have discovered them after...I don't know...sitting on them.

Just sayin. Silver lining.